Unarmed Security Officer Training


The student will complete the Private Protective Services 16hr (2 Day) “Basic Security Officer Training”. The blocks of instruction include The Security Officer in North Carolina, Legal Issues for Security Officers, Emergency Response, Communications, Patrol Procedures, Field Note Taking & Report Writing and Deportment. The student will receive a certificate of completion after passing the written exam. The certificate is valid for one year.


Cost of Class: $100


8210 Creedmoor Road Suite #203
Raleigh, NC 27613


The student will have up to one year to register with the Private Protective Services Board under the Licensee of a security company.

Registration Renewal:

The security officer must renew their PPS registration card 30 days before the expiration date.  A re-certification class is not required.

To register please complete the following:

*Payment Options (Due to limited seating, payment is required before class)

*No Refunds

1 Credit Card select “Buy Now”
2 Money Order Please mail to: Stephen Bill
P.O. Box 98173
Raleigh, NC 276243.
3 No Checks Please

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