The North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun

Student will need to bring the following items:

  • 40 rounds of ammunition (minimum).
  • Unloaded handgun (All handguns will be inspected before class begins).
  • No Handgun, no problem. We rent handguns for $10. Ammunition is not included. Please note your request in the “Student Information” selection.
  • Proof of ID (Drivers License, State ID, Passport or Military ID).
  • Magazines or Speed-loaders.
  • Holster or gun case.
  • Range Attire including hat or cap, safety glasses and ear protection. NO range attire? No problem. We will provide you with the proper range attire.

Cost Of Class: $80


Scheduled Class: Please note: We will meet at the range at 8 AM.

Classroom Location:

8210 Creedmoor Rd. Suite 203
Raleigh, NC 27613

Range Location:


To register please complete the following:

*Payment Options (Due to limited seating, payment is required before class)

*No Refunds

1 Credit Card select “Buy Now”
2 Money Order Please mail to: Stephen Bill
P.O. Box 98173
Raleigh, NC 276243.
3 No Checks Please

Student Information

– Click on the “Student Information” tab

– Complete the form