PPS Armed Security Officer Recertification


The Private Protective Services Board requires all armed registrants to complete an annual recertification class and qualification. The armed security officer will attend a 4hr (1 Day) class and qualification. The blocks of instruction include Legal Issues, Safety, Handgun operation & Maintenance, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Night Firing. Shotgun recertification includes 1 additional hour of class time and qualification. 

Firearms Qualification:
The security officer must pass with 200 points/80% of the daytime and nighttime qualification. The shotgun qualification is daytime only with an 80% passing grade. The security officer will have 3 attempts to pass the daytime and nighttime qualification. Targets are kept on file for 18 months. 

At the completion of training, the security officer may continue to work armed with a copy of their firearms certificate. The certificate must be kept on their person while on duty until a new registration card has been issued by PPSB.

Student will need to bring the following items:

  • Up to 300 rounds of handgun ammunition for qualification.
  • Semiautomatic Handguns only.
  • Magazines (minimum of 2).
  • Holster.
  • Magazine pouch.
  • Belt.
  • Hat.
  • Proof of ID (Drivers License, State ID, Passport or Military ID).
  • Flashlight.

Cost of Class: $75


Class Location:

8210 Creedmoor Rd Suite 203

Raleigh NC 27613

(Please note. Some of these classes may be held at 3921 Old Holly Springs – Apex Rd, Apex NC 27539) Please contact us to confirm location of the class. Thank you.

Range Location:

3921 Old Holly Springs – Apex Rd
Apex, NC 27539

To register please complete the following:

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*No Refunds

1 Credit Card select “Buy Now”
2 Money Order Please mail to: Stephen Bill
P.O. Box 98173
Raleigh, NC 276243.
3 No Checks Please

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